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About JSLpower

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JSLpower is a manufacturer of Modified Polyethylene insulators(HDPE insulator),Aerial HDPE Cable Spacer systems and Elastomer (Rubber insert)for electrical hardware accessories etc.


Project Gift® 

Who we are

We are a scientific and technological enterprise of China,we are committed to research,development,manufacture of electrical products.Decades of experience,we manufacture of electrical products used on 500kV to 1000kV extra-high voltage transmission lines in Chinese major power facilities.According to the needs of the market,we paid several years to develop 10kV to 220kV new materials insulators(HDPE insulator) to adapt to the world.We pay attention to environmental protection,high efficiency and energy saving.       We invite you to immerse in the world of JSLpower and discover our scope of business, values, visions and goals.