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China southern power grid hybrid dc transmission technology to achieve a world-class breakthrough

Recently, China southern power grid's uhv hybrid dc innovation platform has verified the feasibility of hybrid dc transmission technology in actual power grid operation through the dc fault removal and restart test.

Rao hong, chief technical expert of China southern power grid and chairman of the research institute of China southern power grid, said that this marks that China southern power grid has overcome a number of technical problems such as the complete set design of hybrid dc system, and the hybrid dc technology concept has realized a significant leap from theory to practice for the first time.It can realize the most basic functions of the dc transmission system and meet the high reliability and dynamic performance requirements of the power grid. Even if there is an instantaneous and short-term fault of the high-voltage transmission line, the system does not need to stop running, and the main equipment such as the converter valve itself can realize fault clearing, the power grid operation system can still operate normally.This is a leading engineering technology, is the world's dc transmission technology breakthrough.

"If we compare the power grid system to a river, we have the ability to deal with a blocked river in half a second and restore the river's flow, ensuring the safety and stability of the power grid system," said Dr. Zhou yuibin, a researcher at the dc institute of China southern power grid research institute.