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Our company has successfully applied for nanjing "specialty and specialty" project

In order to further promote the development of private economy and small and medium-sized enterprises with high quality, improve the professional ability and level of the enterprise, guide the small and medium-sized enterprises go specialization, refinement, characterization, innovative development, cultivate a group of independent intellectual property rights, strong market competitiveness, industry influential, develop new frontier good specialization, little giant and single champion.Formulated according to the city by the letter appoint "nanjing" specialization, new "measures for the determination of small and medium-sized enterprises, my company in 2019 at the end of may to participate in the municipal bureau of industry and organization of small and medium-sized enterprises to declare the 2019 nanjing specialization," new "of the project activity, conform to the" nanjing "specialization, the new" small and medium-sized enterprise confirmation method of requirements, good credit, to declare success.

Our company is a private high-tech enterprise integrating "research and development, design and production". With nearly 20 years' research and development experience in power transmission and transformation products and a perfect test and testing system, we have formed a complete set of polycrystalline silicon insulator product research and development, design, production, inspection, sales and management team.Our company is equipped with advanced equipment and technology, fully automatic one-step molding. With scientific knowledge as the strength, we have independently developed -- polycrystalline silicon insulator series products.This series of insulator products with excellent electrical, mechanical, hydrophobic, ultraviolet aging resistance, lightning shock resistance, corona resistance, protect themselves from blowing sand, radio interference minimum, rodents, birds and so on comprehensive performance, product non-toxic harmless, life period for 20 to 30 years, also the expiry of the recycled recycling series products, for domestic initiative, the international ahead of the fourth generation of insulator, to provide new products to the national grid, guarantee the safe operation of transmission lines.

Our company focuses on market segments, strong innovation ability, master key and core technologies, quality and efficiency, always adhere to the leading scientific research, development and innovation as the first concept, with the spirit of craftsman constantly research and development of new products, for China's transmission construction to provide quality assured products unremitting efforts.