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The national energy Internet development white paper 2018 was released

China's national energy Internet development white paper 2018, compiled by the national energy administration and the energy Internet research institute of tsinghua university, was released in Beijing, capital of China, March 29, 2018.

The conference pointed out that the construction of energy Internet is a huge system engineering, and the development of the industry cannot be separated from the innovation of system and mechanism and good top-level design, and also depends on the research and development of key technologies and equipment and the promotion and application.A favorable market environment will enable the energy Internet technology to release huge economic and social benefits, achieve China's established strategic goals of energy transformation, and strongly support the revolution in energy production and consumption.

Zheng baosen, President of the Chinese society of electrical engineering, said that the global energy sector is facing a new round of profound changes, and the energy Internet has become an important measure to promote China's energy revolution and build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system.The release of the white paper will play an active role in promoting the development of energy transformation.

"White paper" energy are reviewed the development of the Internet, to build an index system of energy Internet development, described the China energy policy, the Internet industry, technology, innovation, ecological construction, the public aspects such as development present situation, summarizes the China energy Internet ten key events, this paper discusses the perspective of the world's energy Internet development present situation, prospects the energy challenges facing the Internet and the future development direction.