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The world's first flexible ac and dc distribution network technology demonstration project officially put into operation

On December 26, 2018, zhangbei flexible substation and ac-dc distribution network technology demonstration project completed all the tests and operational tests, marking the world's first ac-dc distribution network based on flexible substation officially put into commercial operation.State grid north hebei electric power co., ltd. cooperated with global energy Internet research institute and CLP technology of nanrui group to build zhangbei flexible substation and ac distribution network technology demonstration project in close cooperation with alibaba group and yili group, providing rich demonstration value in concept, technology and benefit.

The demonstration project creatively provides the concept of flexible substation integrating multiple functions, gives the concept of flexible substation integrating new functions of substations, and gives substations new functional forms, which promotes the development of key substation equipment from "multiple equipment combinations" to "single equipment integration".The pioneering power electronic transformer has made 5 technological breakthroughs, realizing 4 functions, such as multi-port integrated voltage conversion and dc fault isolation, and the energy density is increased by 200% compared with the existing technology.The first concept of ac-dc power distribution network based on flexible substation, which connects data center and photovoltaic power generation, realizes the in-depth combination of smart power grid and cloud computing industry for the first time, and Outlines the new form of future power grid development.The demonstration project overcomes such technical problems as complete design, "source-network-load" control and protection, and realizes flexible control of power flow, fault current limiting and self-healing.The demonstration project has created a flexible and open platform to achieve a win-win situation for power generation, power grid and users.Flexible substation equipment can realize plug and play of multiple energy sources, multiple loads and energy storage, which enriches users' independent choice.The introduction of 2.5mw photovoltaic power generation can meet users' green energy demand.

A more intelligent distribution network ensures high reliable power supply for data centers, giving priority to on-site consumption of photovoltaic power generation skills in data centers, while providing full consumption online.A more efficient power system will reduce the energy consumption of the data center by about 10%-20%, invest about 1% in equipment, and improve the efficiency of the photovoltaic system by about 2%, which will increase the income of the impoverished desheng village by about 70,000 yuan per year.