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Comparison of polycrystalline silicon insulators with silicon rubber and porcelain composite insulators in yancheng

As the winter moon approaches and the winter plum blossoms bloom, the year 2018 has come to an end in a twinkling of an eye.At the last moment at the end of this year, our company received the notice from yancheng power supply company about the suspension insulator of polycrystalline silicon.We are required to replace part of the insulators of 110kV dechen 884 line in dafeng district, yancheng city and xiangshui county, yancheng city respectively. The purpose is to compare the properties of our products with those of silicone rubber insulators and porcelain insulators coated with RTV to further verify the pollution resistance of polycrystalline silicon insulators.

On December 5, 2018, the temperature dropped sharply on that day. The front-line technicians and installation personnel on the site did not fear the severe cold and grasped the power failure time of every minute and second to replace the insulators.During the installation, the technician and the installer picked up our insulator and discussed it with great interest. "this insulator can't be broken, can it?It's very light!It doesn't take much effort to install it......."Between the words as you can see, in the usual construction process, in order to protect the product is not in the case of damage during the installation, but their tired, see our insulator polymerization silicon everyone the thumbs-up sign, repeatedly praised:" light weight in this new product insulator installation, the installation is very efficient to save trouble "!Three leaders and engineering and technical personnel of jiangsu electric power research institute were also present to give professional guidance. Their concern about the safety and reliability of electric power also deeply affected us. We should constantly strive to make better products to serve the electric power industry.Here we sincerely thank jiangsu electric power research institute for its great support and help.Let's plant the seeds in the last month of 2018 (polycrystalline silicon insulator running on the network), and we'll have even more amazing results in 2019.

Figure 1 the front-line technicians and installers of the site construction are discussing the polymerized crystalline silicon products with great interest

Figure 2 comparison of characteristics between polycrystalline silicon insulators and silicone rubber insulators

Figure 3 comparison of properties between polycrystalline silicon insulators and porcelain insulators coated with RTV