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All the supporting works of zacentante high pressure are put into operation

On June 30, the 500kV khorqin - fuxin transmission and transformation project (Inner Mongolia section) was officially put into operation on power, so far, all the 6 supporting 500kV project (zhaqing supporting project) of the + / - 800kV zhaolute-qingzhou extra-high voltage project (hereinafter referred to as zhaqing supporting project) were put into operation

It is understood that since the September 2016 500 kv firm root - khorchin power transmission and transformation project to start, since its eastern Inner Mongolia electric power co., LTD. In less than two years alone construction operation of the root - sing-an, utilize modern JiNa -, root khorchin, Feng Tun ridge east, root - jilin, khorchin - fuxin 6 items form a complete set of 500 kv project.Mr. Green all auxiliary projects put into operation, outside the northeast power grid is constructed to send artery, to reach 10 million kW power to be delivered to the outside, to export 55 billion kWh electricity in north China, every year, and can reduce burning consumption 16.8 million tons a year, 41.5 million tons of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, 124000 tons, will strongly improve the northeast power grid surplus capacity, effectively relieve abandon the wind, Waterloo electricity situation in northeast China.